Why is Mitel doing this? The core ShoreTel Connect product has been in existence for over 15 years. A great deal has changed in software development since ShoreTel originally created this system. The Connect software has some core structural code issues that will make it impossible for Mitel to maintain the code with Microsoft moving forward, without a complete rewrite.  Mitel has decided to focus on their legacy product.


Are there any upcoming deadlines I should be concerned about while I’m weighing my choices? Just keep in mind Mitel announced they expect to end production of this product in December 2024.


Is there anything we can do stop this action from taking place?  Unfortunately, no. Mitel is fully committed to this path.


Are there other products or services I have in connection with MiVoice Connect that will impacted? If so, how?  MiVoice Connect is the core Unified Communications system providing your phone system services.  If you have a call center/contact center and utilize Mitel’s Enterprise Contact Center (ECC), Mobility and others then those systems will also follow the same end of life and support timelines.

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