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Get The Benefits of VoIP With Your Current PBX


Analog business phone and PRI phone lines work with your existing PBX and IP data network; therefore, there is no need to replace your PBX. Our analog business phone is sufficient for small organizations, which require only a few phone lines. Larger organizations can procure PRI phone lines for more communication. Each PRI phone line can carry up to 30 channels of voice communications simultaneously.

Fonesoft has a large offering of telecommunications solutions to fit all business needs. We are your one-stop shop for all the telecommunications services you rely on to run your business. At Fonesoft , we have the services you need to make your business operate more efficiently and economically. Fonesoft combines top telecommunications equipment with a full suite of communication, networking and managed services. This unique combination provides an end-to-end solution designed to help your business run more efficiently. By choosing Fonesoft as your communication partner, you will not only get great service, but you will get affordable pricing by only paying for what your business needs.


No extra voice and data circuits

No cost for hardware


Easily route callers

Use for voice, data, video, and fax


Business voice continuity

Service level agreement


Fonesoft offers PRI phone lines and analog business phones as an additional option for businesses. The older technology of PRI and analog has been around forever and is the tried and true communication line. We offer full PRI with the total support of the traditional phone lines or hard lines for businesses that need a hard line. While this is becoming a service, not many utilize, it is still important for many different uses.


  • Alarm Lines
  • Elevator Emergency Line
  • Fax Lines
  • Credit Card Machines
  • Modems
  • Emergency Lines
  • Postage Machines

Fonesoft will evaluate your business’ telecommunications needs and help you find the right resource for you. In some cases, traditional analog phone systems can be the best solution for you. We will access and optimize your current system or will perform a full installation. We can also integrate analog and digital systems within your company for the best performance and cost savings.